Dundee Uni trip

Senior Perth High School pupils recently visited Dundee University to learn about "Chemistry at work"

The day highlighted exactly how Chemistry affects their everyday lives and what sort of job prospects would be available to them should they choose to do a Degree in Chemistry.

The day commenced with a lecture on courses required to do a Degree, salaries earned in different industries and what Dundee University has to offer prospective students...

Scottish Water then gave a talk on water purification followed by a series of pupil experiments. The talk was extremely interesting and many of the pupils now appreciate the very complicated process of getting drinking water that is safe to drink...

Also present were the Army. This lecture was about biological and chemical warfare and pupils were given the chance to try on the appropriate attire...

Scottish Crop Research Institute talked about the importance of essential oils and fats to our lives and pupils were tested on their ability to recognise by smell, many common oils and fats...

Lastly, staff from the local ?Sensation? Science Centre were on hand to give pupils the chance to use everyday kitchen ingredients to create a concoction of very amusing and messy chemical compounds!

As can be seen the pupils left Dundee University with spirits high, and a greater appreciation of just how Chemistry is all around us...




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